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Create test users using Meta-id

As the title indicates, is it possible to create or select test users based on their Meta-id?

I want to have my app tested by friendly users before I publish it to the Production Channel, but I don't want them to bother about special user prefixes, emailaddresses and pin. 



This would be a nice alt way to quick test.  But I don't think it exists.  However, there is another way I found using a more direct method that doesn't require bulk prefixed emails.  It is buried in the app tracks screen and is not mentioned on the test user help docs page.  I found it somewhere else on the Meta site.

  • In the Org Manager main page, you should see the title "My Apps'.  If not click "My Apps" on the left menu.  This will show all your apps you've created in big boxes.
  • Click on the app you want to add test users. You will be redirected to the "App Manager' and the left menu will change.
  • Click "Release Channels" button in the menu on the left.
  • On the Release Channels page click the channel your app is in or the channel you want to add testers: RC, BETA, or ALPHA.
  • On the next release channel screen, you should see it titled "Release Channel > [CHANNEL NAME YOU SELECTED] with tabs underneath: Current Build, Users, Build History, Channel Settings.
  • Click Users.  
  • On the Users tab screen, you should see a gray button to the right that says, "Email Invite Users".   Enter an email and the user will receive a link with instructions (I assume, but never seen the email.) My tester didn't seem to have an issue figuring out how to install the app on their Quest device.