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Custom 360 VR video player with menu - help with some basic questions

Honored Guest
Using Unity, I've built a video player with a 360 and set up some pointers. I want to use a map of the property as a UI for the user to jump to specific points (on the property and in the video timeline). I'm not sure if this should be a canvas or sprites. Also not sure if I should be using a canvas pointer or physics pointer. I'm not looking for a solution, just to be pointed in the right direction.

1. Should I be using Canvas or Sprites (or something else, I am very new at this) for my map-based UI?
2. Depending on the answer to 1, should I use a canvas or physics pointer to interact with the map?
3. We will be installing the app directly on the Quest. I would like to load the video file from the device sdcard. I haven't had any success with the methods I've tried. This seems like it should be really straightforward, so any tutorials or direction is appreciated.

I really appreciate any direction provided. I'm happy to provide more information, if that's helpful. There really isn't that much to it.