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Data-basing our children is not the answer.

Honored Guest

Hello, fellow Meta community members,

I wanted to bring up a discussion about the privacy and security measures Meta has in place for our children's accounts, especially considering the extensive amount of personal information collected. This includes details like their names, email addresses, birth dates, activity data on Meta Quest devices, and even voice and video recordings, along with location and physical activity data.

Many of us appreciate the intention behind creating a safer and more controlled environment for our children. However, I'm concerned about the balance between protecting our children and maintaining their privacy. The requirement to provide detailed personal information, especially under tight deadlines, can be particularly challenging for guardians of foster children, where legal guardianship nuances can complicate compliance.

Moreover, the potential risks associated with the extensive data collection cannot be overlooked. Despite the best efforts of companies, data breaches in large corporations have occurred, posing a risk to our children's safety and privacy.

I believe it's crucial for us to discuss alternative approaches to child safety that respect privacy and minimise data collection. Could there be a way to offer a more anonymous or privacy-conscious option for our children's interaction with VR products? One that doesn't compromise their security or our peace of mind?

This is not just about criticism but about seeking solutions together. It's important for us to voice our concerns and suggest improvements that could benefit all parties involved. Let's have an open and respectful discussion on how we can advocate for safer and more privacy-conscious practices for our children's online activities.

Thank you for considering this important matter. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.