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Detecting strength of Finger Bend instead of Pinch with Quest Hand Tracking.

Hey Folks!

I've had some really cool progress on my Oculus hand tracking experiments and am now trying to detect a finger-down position.

There is an API available for people interested in detecting a PINCH in hand tracking. Which is documented here:


But I haven't managed to find anything that will tell me just if an individual finger is DOWN as opposed to pinching the thumb.

Things you can get out of which fingers are down and their relative strengths could be "hang ten" (if middle & ring are down && the rest are up) or various other ones... if middle only is up then do stuff.

Am I blind and it exists but I don't see it, or have I run into another "roll your own" situation here?  Which - on this one - I think I might be in trouble, because I'm betting that stuff all comes from the AI model.