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Developer Mode

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I posted this in reply to another thread, but realised afterwards that that issue was marked as resolved, when it clearly isn't.

I have a Quest 2 and a Quest 3, and I'm attempting to create an app, so I need developer mode enabled. Developer mode is working on the Quest 3 but not on the Quest 2, so I took the advice I read here and raised the issue with support.

When I contacted support about this issue, they said the following:

Thank you for reaching out.
Our team assists developers with app administration, review, compliance and enforcement-related issues. We do not support any type of account-level issue, including issues configuring developer mode on your device.
You can find the instructions for setting up developer mode here:
We recommend checking our  developer documentation for possible solutions. If you are unable to resolve the issue or have additional questions, please post in the VR Developer Forums ( even if you were directed here from there, as our fantastic community of developers often have worked through similar issues and archived the information.
Have a great rest of your day,

Oculus Platform Operations and Developer Support

None of this helps, and is contradictory to what we're being told here, namely that support can/will help with this problem. 

It seems this issue has been ongoing for around two years. Is there ever going to be a fix for this, or do I throw my Quests into a cupboard and try to find a working system?