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Developing blindly because my Card not supported

I"m not a Pro Pro developer just a hoby guy very little experience, and i'm just making small little game or trying.

Well i happen to have a 980ti graphics card and it's not supported, the LINK cables dont suport it. People said that i would be able to use it , but doesn't seem like it.

Any tips on how to develop blindly. I can still do it but i have to kind of plan more and try to make less mistakes so i dont have to keep pluging it with the included short little cable and buildling and sending the game again.


Honored Guest

Well how I done it was, to sideload the apk file, sounds like you can already get to it, so Download SideLoad, and compile your test app, then run it, it is a pain to Debug, but then you are testing it in the environment at least 😕


One other thing would be make a debug layer to write to a file so you can track what is going on, cause the app will just crash, and good look getting the real problem.