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Disable Guardian option when using passthrough

Expert Protege

Hello all, I am trying to get some traction on this so we can finally do AR with quest 2 without that annoying Guardian.

Please please let power user disable guardian when in Passthrough, there is no danger for us since we can see everything around us.

Power users matter and you should help us enjoy your product, not put barrers in our way.


Thank you


Expert Protege

We are a very small community, nobody wants to rally to be able to use the Quest 2 as it was meant to be ? Full passthrough, no guardian for power users. 


You can disable guardian using ADB command in MQDH:

adb shell setprop debug.oculus.guardian_pause 0 to disable and adb shell setprop debug.oculus.guardian_pause 1 to enable

Thanks I'll have to look it up, I don't know what MQDH is, does it stay in place after reboot ?


the MQDH is the Meta Quest Developer Hub, here is a link to the download page for MQDH: Meta Quest Dev Center - Meta Quest Developer Hub (

That adb command also disables passthrough with guardian, and for the current version of the system, I think there are no work-arounds. Although you can try to install a older version of the system, but that also means that some features might not be working as well as the current newest version.


The guardian could not be more annoying.

Just one of many friction points while using meta products.

well, the all point of this post is to have passthrough whitout guardian.


So frustrating this was considered important as part of passthrough. 
Passthrough provides a way to walk around freely, but as soon as you leave the guardian boundary you are spammed with popups 😂

Expert Protege

Still no update ? How can they stay silent when power users (The ones who make comments, reviews and influence other in their workplace) ask for life improving features. This makes no sense