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Disable Passthrough and Guardian

Honored Guest

I recently upgraded to v43.0.0.178. I haven't looked at the developer settings in a while but disable guardian is no longer there. It says 'guardian boundaries may only be disabled for content development purposes'. My guardian stays on even if I have this ON. As well, I thought you could turn passthough camera off when going outside of a guardian. My unit was setup in the past to allow me to walk around (I have a very large play area) outside normal limits (especially in the home area) without the camera coming on. With the new options, how do I turn the passthough camera off now? as well as the guardian?

Thanks for your time..


Honored Guest

Disregard. I had to reboot the unit for some reason after the new meta account swap for it to take effect.. Thanks anyway



I made a tutorial how I explain how to disable Guardian on Quest but also how keep the real view with Passthrough mode enable (french and english)
Disable Guardian but enable Passthrough Quest.png



Hope can help you 😉


Rodolphe from