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Disable guardian at runtime in Mixed Reality Apps (Unity)

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Hi! I'm in the process of creating a mixed reality app that integrates both passthrough functionality and the Scene API. Despite conducting a full room scan and navigating around, the guardian system continues to restrict the app.  I'm searching for a way to programmatically deactivate the guardian system, either in Unreal or Unity. Considering that Meta's "First Encounter" demo doesn't encounter these boundary issues, I'm convinced there must be a way to resolve this.

Thank u!




android:required="true" />


Add this to AndroidManifest.xml, it just works!

That's works.  But when we try and submit that to Store we get an error about containing an experimental feature.

Thank you so much @domexie!!! I've been waiting for this feature for a year!

You have probably checked the "Experimental features enabled" checkbox in OVR Manager. Maybe to use the experimental depth API, that is... experimental. And experimental features are not allowed on AppLab or the Store. So I guess you need to wait until the feature is production ready, or you need to contact your Meta developer relation contact if you have one and ask if they can make an exception.



The thing is there are Store applications (e.g. Arkio) that have this feature enabled - and those vendors have had a special dispensation to use this feature.  I wish that if a feature is available to should be available to all ISVs not just select ones!!!

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Man, I could really do with this for my app PozeAR.

When I turn it on, it works great, but then I can't upload the APK to App Lab 😞

Please Meta allow us to use this feature!

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@Sandstedt fair point, but it's not the 'Experimental Features Enabled' checkbox. It's specifically this flag. The error even says "This APK includes the feature, `com.oculus.feature.CONTEXTUAL_BOUNDARYLESS_APP`, which is not allowed"

Thats funtastic but as always under unity  topic 🙂 do you know how you can implement to the unreal
actualy its all about android mainfest xml file but
Problem is Unreal documention say "You should never edit the AndroidManifest.xml file under any circumstances. Any edits that need to be made to the AndroidManifest.xml file should be done inside the UE Editor in the Advanced APK Packing section."
I couldn't figure out how to add the code to that section. 
when i add as a extra setting (code line) i couldnt build it i can try as a tag but  i dont know how does it work
any idea would help


I got this working but I still have to start the app inside of the boundary. Is there a way to change this?