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Disable guardian in passthrough mode


We have an app that has passthrough enabled at all times so you can walk around your location and add virtual items to the real world. However, the player is required to travel across far distances in real life while using the app.

Is there a way for the app to turn of guardian mode while passthrough is on?


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Hello all, how come this hasn't gotten more traction ? Whatvis the point of having guardian enabled when you can see around you ? It would be a really helpful feature for power users, fon't forget that there is a lot of us out there.


I'm also searching for a solution here, passthrough camera doesn't make sense with a boundary  

Indeed, but Meta can't understand that passthrough allows users more freedom, stop restricting power users

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We are evaluating if we should port our AR-app to Meta Quest 3. It is an app that helps with fair management, only used professionally, in exhibition halls of 10000 meters squared. Passthrough is on 100% of the time (required). With my current understanding, the boundary system does not work for us.


It's now possible by adding this in your AndroidManifest.xml-file:

<uses-feature android:name="com.oculus.feature.CONTEXTUAL_BOUNDARYLESS_APP" android:required="true" />

Do you know where can i find the orders to edit the manifest file? i tried this for the boundary and it worked great but can I do the same to the proximity sensor?

thank you

Wait,, so it is working ? We found a solution without the help of Meta ?


Hi @sophiesgames 

To disable Guardian mode while passthrough is enabled, you may need to explore the developer settings or contact the app's support for specific guidance. It often depends on the app's features and settings.  You can further cntact for more info. 



yes it worked perfectly for me. on the build when you enter the application it tells you that this app doesn't allow the boundary and be careful etc etc