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Disable proximity sensor (re-center) on app only


Hello, I am currently working on a unity project with Quest 3 where I instantiate some cubes using raycast (still in the demo), but when i take off the headset and move, or rotate my head and wear it again, the cubes position drift or move to right where i am looking because they are relative to the headset's position.

I am looking for a way when i take off my headset, to not let proximity sensor work (in app only) just like First Encounters (i don't want to disable it completely from MQDH), get to the boolean that is making it work, or to stop whatever the hmdUnmounted event is doing, i want to stop recentering by any means necessary but ONLY inside the app.

I am using the OVRCameraRig from Meta XR All-in-one.



As far as I'm aware, this is a developer only feature that you can disable in the Mobile app or on-device in settings (under developer)

Never seen an API to enable/disable the proximity sensor.

i understand that, but disabling the proximity sensor for the entire headset isn't efficient, it costs a lot of battery life so im looking for disabling it through code/manifest file for the app only, i am wondering whether it is possible by editing the OVR scripts myself by falsifying a bool or something, because when i take off the headset some events get triggered like the HMDUnmounted event

I am also facing the same problem, have you found a solution?