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Does Quest browser support any video with alpha channel?

Honored Guest

I can't play a webm/vp9 video with alpha and the inspector doesn't log any error.

it seems Oculus browser does not support any video format with alpha channel.

The Quest documentation is also not clear.

Appreciate any help/info on this.



I'm also struggling with this, trying to make a Webm video with alpha channel work in a WebXR app with aframe, I can load mp4 videos with no problem.
Webm videos open with transparency on PC Chrome but on oculus browser, console shows this error
Uncaught (in promise)

  1. Event
    1. isTrusted: true
    2. bubbles: false
    3. cancelBubble: false
    4. cancelable: true
    5. composed: false
    6. currentTarget: null
    7. defaultPrevented: false
    8. eventPhase: 0
    9. path: (7) [video#holoVid, a-assets, a-scene#scene, body, html.a-fullscreen, document, Window]
    10. returnValue: true
    11. srcElement: video#holoVid
    12. target: video#holoVid
    13. timeStamp: 3227.399999999441
    14. type: "error"
    15. [[Prototype]]: Event