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Does anyone from the "Bug/Technical Support Team" actually exist here?

I've been having an ongoing issue with the MQDH and my Quest Pro for weeks, I've asked here, asked on reddit and contact support multiple times. The person from quest support directed me to developer support and developer support directed me back here and said a member of the "Bug/Technical Support Team" would assist me but despite my efforts I have yet find any kind of help. I'm not going to post the issue again but if someone from this bug/technical support team is around shoot me a message so we can try to get this problem resolved. 



Answer seems to be no, maybe. I have got an IAP issue for weeks now and asked everywhere just like you and even here! But seems like no one will ever answer me about my issue. I guess we just need to hope that someone will answer


I have scrolled through many posts and nobody ever answers anyone on this forum, let alone Meta support that I have seen. Just a bunch of people with issues and no answers. It makes it horrible because chatGPT has no answer either, since there is nothing to get trained with except very old documentation that has no examples.