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ETA on SDK v34?


Hey all - since passthrough API is totally broken with SDK 33 and Quest OS there a publicly stated ETA for SDK 34 release? I saw a tweet somewhere that it would be "Monday" (as in, 10/8 - yesterday), but that has on



I updated to V34 and I am still getting a black screen.  The passthrough mode is not working.  Did anyone else get it to work?  Thanks

Hey hey - make sure your backend is set to OpenXR, you have the OVR Layer on the camera rig and all the experimental set, and that you have enabled experimental mode on your quest. 

Thank you, I have done all three,  I am still not able to get passthrough. 




Interesting - why would you have to set "experimental mode" for passthrough in V34? Passthrough is no longer an experimental feature? I'm gonna have to check it out - I haven't had a chance to play with the new SDK yet. 🙂

Here's what I had to set from a new empty project:


Switch project to Android

Add XR Plugin Management and check Oculus

Import Oculus integration v34 (I leave out the Sample Framework tree)

Remove the default camera and replace it with the OVRCameraRig prefab

Add an OVR PassthroughLayer script to the camera rig, and change "placement" from "Overlay" to "Underlay"

In OVRManager:

   set Tracking orig Type to "Stage" so virtual objects stay in place in the real world despite orientation resets

   check "Passthrough capability Enabled" and "Enable Passthrough"

In CenterEyeAnchor (in OVRCameraRig), change clear flags to "solid color" and set BG to black

In Player settings -> player:

   set color space to Linear

   change scripting backend to IL2CPP

   uncheck "ARMv7" and check "ARM64"

... add your virtual objects, build to your Quest...


**bleep**. Thats quite the process, eh?






Thank you Jeff,  I got it to work! I had to relook at some of my settings.  Thanks again!

This is incredible - thank you Jeff!


this entire thread has been a breath of fresh air. So often it just turns catty and sarcastic. Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity. Feel free to add me on the app so we can continue to share!


Soooo anyone else have passthrough randomly break again? 😞 Was working fine on just black again. 

I played with it all last night and had no problems... its working for me.

I figured it out! Probuilder default material as an environment that toggles on for VR vs MR caused the whole project to render black, regardless of what is visible. Other materials work fine. Strange.