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ETA on SDK v34?


Hey all - since passthrough API is totally broken with SDK 33 and Quest OS there a publicly stated ETA for SDK 34 release? I saw a tweet somewhere that it would be "Monday" (as in, 10/8 - yesterday), but that has on


Jeff what Unity version are you using?  I've tried everything and can't get it to work in 2019.4.12

I know it is a bit weird below 2019.27 or so (my experience, at least!) 

2019.4.27 that is!

I'm on the bleeding edge, baby! LOL. 2021.2.2F1. But I see in the documentation that 2019.4 and above should work. If you wanna zip up your project folder and get it to me somehow, I'll be happy to look it over.

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Agreed -- have it all working in 2021.2.2F1 as well!