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ETA on SDK v34?


Hey all - since passthrough API is totally broken with SDK 33 and Quest OS there a publicly stated ETA for SDK 34 release? I saw a tweet somewhere that it would be "Monday" (as in, 10/8 - yesterday), but that has on



The twitter post linked below says that the V34 SDK release was planned for yesterday and there is a big  Facebook Presence Platform / SparkAR Hackathon that started today - I dont see how you can get started with the Presense Platform if it hasn't been released yet... I have been watching ALL DAY yesterday and this morning anxiously awaiting the release.


(1) Neel Bedekar on Twitter: "@Rengle820 That's by design(slightly unfortunate with the timing, I kn...

Thanks Jeff - glad it isn't just me!


You’re not the only one waiting!


I'm waiting to release a new MR game for the quest, but it will have to hold for this update.  Do we have to make changes to our app in unity?  v34

Yeah - from what I understand, any passthrough app created with the experimental passthrough API (v33) has to be recompiled with the new PUBLISHED passthrough API in v34 (that we are waiting for) before it will work on Quest software V34 or above - but of course, we don't know exactly how the API has changed. 😞


AND....  your app looks terrific! Can you describe the process you used to generate your occlusion geometry? Maybe we can friend-up and discuss it in some VR destination.

Is it possible that V34 also would break Bluetooth related permissions? 

Possibly, but I would doubt it. It should be pretty similar to v33 at the bones level, with (as far as I can tell!) the new features focused on the passthrough api. 


Alright. I guess I’ll wait and see. On Monday I got a working Passthrough API and Bluetooth UART project onto the Quest 2. But it appears between a couple of tests, my headset was upgraded to v34. And haven’t been able to get either part to work again since.

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hoping this gets fixed soon. Passthrough API breaking also means the Facebook Hackathon is blocked from progress.