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Error when trying to upload to app lab

Honored Guest

Hi whenever I try to upload my APK to the app lab it keeps on popping up this error code: OCULUS_PLATFORM__APK_PACKAGE_NAME_ALREADY_IN_USE. Does anybody know how

to fix this? I've tried stuff like renaming the whole project and deleting my application and

remaking it. Can somebody tell me how to fix this?


Heroic Explorer

You need to change the Android package name to something unique. This is done in project settings for both Unreal and Unity.



Settings > Project Settings > Platforms > Android > Android Package Name



Edit > Project Settings > Player > Android tab > Other Settings > Identification > Package Name

Honored Guest

didnt work for me


Well my package name is already unique, and it keeps giving me the error when I try and release another build in applab.

I'm having the same issue. Did you already find a solution?

No, I haven't. It's been torture for me trying to find a soulution because im trying to get my game on applab.

Honored Guest

I'm having the same exact problem, and Meta is also saying that the AndroidManifest allows banned permissions that are specifically DISABLED in the manifest after following Meta's own androidmanifest creation instructions to the letter...

I have spent several years making this game, and am new to submitting to AppLab... Does Meta have a reputation for being hostile to indie developers? Something feels really strange about all this...