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Euler Angles from HeadPose.ThePose.Orientation


How do I get euler angles of the oculus quest 2 headset? I tried using over_GetTrackingState, but I got invalid Y-axis rotation. X and Z angles work correctly, both in this printf test, and in the game I am integrating this into. The Y-axis is only accurate from -90 degrees to +90 degrees, then it bugs out if I try to turn farther.


Here is my code, the full program is 60 lines of C, that's it.


I've also tried ovr_GetEyePoses, ovr_CalcEyePoses, and I tried using GLM math library to do my quaternion -> euler conversion, but I get the same result no matter what. I'm using OVR SDK WIN 32.0.0, and my Oculus Quest 2 is on firmware 41.0


Any advice on how to fix this?


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Did you ever find a solution? I'm wondering the same thing.