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[Feature Request] Edit in Play Mode for Oculus Quest in Unity

Level 3
I've been building an application for Go until recently, but after trying the Quest am seriously considering changing my platform because of the 6DoF. My Go development process so far has been like this: I use a Rift hooked up to my PC to do most of my Unity development (because of the perk of editing in play mode), then build to the Quest and make sure my build is bug-free before pushing it to my main branch. What I'm wondering is if we'll ever be able to use the Quest hooked directly up to Unity instead of needing to use the Rift for that purpose. Do other people want this feature?

Level 2
+1: I hope this will come into effect when they release the Link for quest.

Level 2
+1 Absolutely need this!

Level 2

Level 3
I am really confused. Oculus Link works to use the Quest in like Rift mode - but playing from the Editor does not work for me.

I posted on the Unity forum about this (though now the Oculus forum says I need to be around a while longer before I can post links. Ugh)


Level 2
+1 This is a must have feature allowing developers to interact with their unity changes in the headset without having to keep rebuilding and pushing to the device.

Level 4
It wasn't editing in play mode, but I found a tool to quickly preview the scene.