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Garage Band Hero for Oculus Quest - Idea

Honored Guest
Good day,

I was looking under the music category for a game where you could learn how to play the drums by a simon says method of lights lighting up the right drum or symbol, using a practice room and then the final level is playing on a "real stage" for a band of your choice, say AC/DC or Sade. But you would see the band in front of you, the crowd behind the flashing lights and basically feel you are really on stage with the band, having to play that instrument correctly for their set.

Even if you just created a game where I could select an instrument off the shelf and like the $15.00 toy violin with batteries, strum it or touch the wand to the wires to play the correct note every time, make it feel I'm actually playing correctly by just strumming, but with high fidelity sound vs. a toy. 

Somebody think this has legs and want to give it a go? Just make sure to add me to the Alpha :smile: