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Gaze/Head Tracking Combined w/ Limited Hand Tracking or Gamepad Controller (Ex. Apple Vision Pro UI)

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This implementation could drastically increase the ease of use of the Quest 3 UI, and bring it much closer to the usability of the Apple Vision Pro UI for a fraction of the cost, while still allowing the flexibility of trackable controllers, conventional hand tracking, and the use of gamepad controllers or other Bluetooth devices such as keyboards or mouses. This post is directed to other developers who may have ideas to suggest as a solution, or may be interested in incorporating some of these ideas into their projects.


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"I love the gaze cursor feature when using a controller. Lets me quickly take actions when I don’t want to use the Quest controllers.

One thing bugs me though. I’m unable to drag using the gaze cursor. If I hold the A button on an Xbox controller it will rapidly select an item instead of select and hold on to it. Are there any tricks around this?"


This is directly copied from a reddit post by Independent_Fill_570 a month ago and it hasn't received any responses yet.


I'm having the same issue. I love the ability to use the gaze tracking for the cursor, but it restricts the ability to resize windows, reposition windows, long click (as it only repeatedly single clicks rapidly instead), so selecting text longer than a single word is also an issue. The gaze control seems to be the best substitute to the Apple Vision Pro's eye tracking cursor. Is there any way of using the gaze control to guide the cursor, but a hand tracking gesture to select or click, without it engaging as conventional hand tracking while gaze tracking is enabled?


I've spent many hours now searching the internet, looking into potential sideloading options, and even pouring over the Oculus PC source code, but haven't really found anyone talking about this except for the one unanswered reddit post I've linked to. The XBox One controller has basically the same buttons available as the Quest 3 controllers do, minus the tracking, but with the gaze tracking it would be wonderful to have the controller buttons mapped properly and I can't seem to find a way to remap the gamepad keybinds without it being run through Steam and a PC link. I'd like to be able to do this natively on the Quest 3 standalone. Hand tracking only for the selecting or clicking would also be great, but even just the buttons being mapped properly so that pressing A clicks, and holding A holds the click until released would fix the issue.


I am aware that pressing the select and menu buttons together toggles the gaze tracking off, and enables very limited use of the Xbox controller buttons for use in a keyboard or such, but that's not what I'm asking about here.


Thanks in advance to anyone who has any helpful information to provide on this issue. If gaze tracking were combined with limited hand tracking gestures like making a closed fist, I feel like the quality of this product could more easily rival the user interface of the Apple Vision Pro.