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Getting a "too many devices" error from an app lab app

Hi there, in the last week, we have been getting "Multiple devices on same account trying to access this app" errors inside our app lab published application. This is crippling as I can't even test new apk versions without it giving me this error every minute. I can dismiss the message but it pops up again 30-60 seconds later. The app has had no issues for the last year or so... All of a sudden it is giving this error. The app is meant to have more than 1 Quest 2 under the same account accessing it at the same time. We have changed no settings or anything about the current apk on app lab. I submitted a ticket for this issue yesterday morning but still no response. This is an urgent issue. 


Level 7

Oculus isn’t going to address this issue it seems they are ruining a great product.