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Grabbing/Translation Chaotic - when OVRPlayer and Avatar with LeftHandGrabber are used

Hi I use Unity 2018.41f1 with newes Oculus Integration loaded.
I built y0am1zjx1ek2.jpg
so i can grab a cube and move it around and at the same time move around with the other controller joystick.
BUT if I move the cube to near to my body - The FPC with the grabbing hand is very fast lifted up or down or forward or backward.
What did I do: I minimized the Radius of the OVRPlayerController. This helps a bit but any movement near to the chest make uncontrollable reactions.
I tried to 1) vary the size of the PlayerController more - No help 2) Switched of Hmd Resets Y or Rotate Y - No Help 3) switched to higher Unity Version 2019.1.4f1 - NO HELP

Any Idea what can be my mistake?

Thanks Marc

Hey @Marc201 I have the exact same problem and tried the same things. No solution yet, but it's not usable like this. The grabbed object is set to isKinematic = true but for whatever reason it's affecting the player.

Honored Guest
In my previous developments, I hit an issue using a 3rd party locomotion package for the "GO" called "VRGO" which worked pretty nicely as my base locomotion for the "GO" for roughly $10. It's grabber mode allowed select of a "grabbable" with the laser select and trigger, and as delivered, could implement moving a grabbed object away but no closer to the player than where it was grabbed. I started editing that so I could bring objects arbitrarily close to the player, but when they got too close, this would exhibit a similar bug (ultrafast kicking the player into the air or off the ground object The grab force is "virtually infinite". ). I found the newest Oculus grabbing template did this as well.
      With the VRGO solution, I eventually found I could prevent "tractor beaming" myself via a grabbed object by stopping it from moving any closer to player when the 3D distance (player to object) was below a certain threshold. (I didn't take into account the size of the object but I did expose the minGrabDistance parameter so the problem could be addressed).
     I found that using the VRGO code that worked completely with my GO, almost works completely for Quest (Easy Glide locomotion maps nicely to left controller joystick and teleport jumping working off the right controller "A" button, and selection triggering working from Left or Right controller index trigger, but the GRAB capability is not working.
    I was hoping to use the newest Oculus framework recommended for the Quest, however Teleport jumping to a target seems broken 80% of the time it jumps backward when I'm aiming the destination forward. (Not talking about changing the look direction based on Rt Joystick direction). If I could solve that, I could probably graft in the Grabbable code from VRGO to keep the grabbed object away from body/hand by some threshold.  Possible ideas I haven't tried yet would be decreasing the player capsule dimensions, turning off physics while object is being grabbed.
    With the 3DOF "GO" one can't bend down and pick up an object, so the laser grabber method seemed ideal. Since the Quest is 6DOF one CAN bend down and the grab radius can be set, so I was really hoping to move fwd with an open hand avatar that could grab when anywhere close. (The example also shows a nice gaze -centric grab where gaze highlights the object which can be grabbed but as implemented, this has the issue you report).


I played around with the colliders / triggers for the hands and some other properties to work around these bugs. Works now for me. I did a video on this:

Big thank you - I never thought these are bugs but my faults.... hours wasted .. .your help so appreciated ... DANKE!