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HELP: META Avatar networking


Hi all,

I am trying to create a multi-user app in Unity for Quest 2 using the Oculus SDK and the META avatar SDK for avatar representation. I am currently stuck in the networking step. Here are two options that I am trying at the moment:
1. Using OSC to pass Transform data from local to remote avatars, but for some reasons the visuals are not moving even if the transforms are updated. This seems to be linked to the way data is passed to META avatars, but I haven't identified the issue.
2. Using Photon to pass out avatar data from local to remote avatars. This seems to be the most popular option from what I have found online, but I struggle to understand it and make it work. Besides, using Photon requires the internet and probably adds significant latency ?
I'm going to give myself one more week to try and solve this issue using the Meta SDK, but eventually if I don't find an issue I will switch to another avatar package.
Any resources are welcome, such as tutorials or good courses on multi-user unity apps or places to get help ?
Thank you in advance !