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Hand Grab Pose


I've been diving into the Oculus Interaction SDK, trying to recreate various interactions and I'm having an issue with the Hand Grab Pose. I've made an object that works the intended way when using the rig that is available in the example scene, but my custom rig does not apply the pose properly. I've been comparing the two rigs to find what differences there are on the hand / synthetic hand and I can't find any.


I can grab the object, and the constraints on the fingers are applied once I enter the sphere surface radius but the pose isn't applied to the hand (i.e my hand just locks itself in the position it is when I enter the surface radius)

What am I missing ? The only difference I can clearly see between the two rigs is that mine have (for now) four interactors per hand (TouchHandGrab, Poke, HandGrab, DistanceGrab) where the one in the example scene only have two.


EDIT: Made some progress, it seems that the TouchHandGrabInteractor (THGI) is interfering with the HandGrabInteractor (HGI) as when I disable it, things are working as they should. What is strange is that even when I reorder the InteractorGroup to have the HGI as first in the list, the THGI is still taking precedence and **bleep**ing things up. I will try to implement an InteractorFilter or a CandidateComparer but the documentation on those is awful. Any help is still appreciated.