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Hand Tracking

Level 4
Is there a way to get early access to hand tracking for Quest?
Level 4
Yes we want to test it too!
Why this thread is tagged as Answered tho?

Level 5
Please, I also need it. It is very import for my project !!!

Level 2
We also would like to test out hand tracking system as soon as possible.
Thank you 

Level 3
Yes please allow developers access to this feature as soon as possible. My company needs to find out if this is a viable replacement for our Leap Motion setup. We are running out of standard Rifts and need to see if we are going to replace them with the Quest or Rift S. Please give us a way to start implementing hand tracking ASAP!!!

Level 3
I heard it will be available to devs only once it's publicly released as an experimental feature.

But on the off chance that this thread has any influence -
We have 2 apps in development that are a natural fit for hand tracking. Would be great to get the API ahead of time..

Level 4
I asked this in the Start forum a while back but it's pretty quiet over there. It would be very helpful, as has been said, to get at least an idea of the API so we can start testing with Leap Motion (for example) and have a consistent bridging API. Hopefully this thread justifies a response by Oculus.

Level 2
Just to add another voice to the choir, we too would make use of advance access to the hand tracking API. Opens up a lot of possibilities.

Level 4
What is available now at the system menus will work just fine as input for all our interactions. ❤️ Can't wait to get our hands on the SDK.

Level 4
What is the best way to find out when hand tracking sdk is available?