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Hand tracking not working in Quest Link


Hand tracking works fine in the home app, but in Quest Link only the controllers works. It was working fine yesterday.

I've done a factory reset.




It seems similar to my issue :

Are you also using the meta XR SDK in unity? Hands issue in play test but working in build?


Yes it seems similar and started happening on the same day. I can't use hands inside of the Link App or Unity Editor. I just tested with a Quest 3 and have the same issue so I'm thinking it could be related to the Meta Quest Link app on Windows.

Edit: Re-installing the Meta Quest Link App on Windows did not fix the issue.


Greetings @gazeth 

Get in reach with Meta to solve this problem or restart your headset so it can work, but if it’s not, get in reach with Meta.


@gazeth Yes I m confident it's the Quest link especially since I can see in the Library>Updates "Updated 3 days ago"

@KaydenHelper124  I just send them a ticket and should have an answer in 1-2 days.

I mentionned @gazeth post:

Meta XR Interaction SDK OVR Samples 65.0.0
Unity 2022.3.31f1
Quest 3
Since the meta link update from 3 days ago the hand tracking does not work correctly in unity play test mode. Step to reproduce the issue:
In the Sample Scenes : HandGrabExamples & HandGrabUseExamples
Once your right controller becomes active by picking it up, once you put it down you cannot use your right hand anymore to grab anything.Sometime the poke interaction is still working. As soon as the right Controller is active you can see that the grab interractors have been disabled automatically, no way to re-enable them manually.
The combinaison "left hand"/"left controller" doesn't show that issue, it behaves normally.
For all of those examples it's only appearing in Play test in unity (over link cable) once I built, it works. This makes me very confident that it's due to the last meta link update. Is there a way for me to revert back?
Another user has a similar issue, you can see his thread here : 
Thanks a lot for your help.

Thanks for the additional info Mikyjax.

Miraculously hands are working inside of Unity with Meta Link. But sometimes strangely not working in the Meta Link app in the Quest (both 2 and 3) even if hands work in Unity.