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Handtracking app - true recenter API for Unity

Level 2

Hi all!


I'm making an hand-tracking game as a seated or standing experience.

While standing, the user sometimes move around a bit, after time its offset causes the game to act weird for obvious reasons.


While recentering with controller is very easy and intuitive, doing so with hand tracking is pretty complex, therefore I'm doing an automatic recenter if an offset is detected. It works with Link but not with Quest 2.


Is there a way to do a recenter in Unity without moving the whole game objects in the scene?


In Unity, this line doesn't work for the Quest 2 (does work for Link):


With controllers it's ok, I guess, but for hand-tracking I believe we need a better solution than disabling this option.


Alternatively - is there a way to mark the experience as seated/standing and make this line work for the Quest 2?


Many thanks!


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