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How can I escalate to a human support agent?

Honored Guest

I have contacted support via email and the bot named "Josary" has requested an explanation video of my issue, which I have already shared multiple times, first I shared a public Google Drive link (I triple checked that this link works from an incognito browser and from multiple machines), then I uploaded that same explanation video to my YouTube channel and set it as unlisted (I also checked that this link works in multiple devices).

Somehow this bot is not able to open any of these two link I have provided and keeps asking me pointless questions instead of helping me with my issue, I have asked multiple times to this bot to please escalate my issue to a human representative that is able to open the links I'm sharing and provide a viable solution to my problem, but this bot ignores my request and keeps waisting my time.

The question here is what can I do to escalate my issue to a human agent, is there a code I need to send to this bot or what is the procedure to get real human help?