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How does Remote rendering support for Unity works?

v13 Release notes:
"Remote rendering support for Unity has been added so developers can more easily build and test Hand Tracking apps through their PC"

I can't find any documentation on this. 
First I thought it would work like android remote rendering. By selecting the the quest under Project Setting / Editor / Unity Remote Device. 
But for that to work I need the unity 5 remote app from the play store on the quest.
Can we please get a little push in the right direction?
Building every time is so time 

Really curious about this as well! Also, I'm curious as to whether this requires Link to function properly, which it hasnt for me ever since I got my GTX 1660 Super (up from GTX 970). I'd really like to not have to push a build every time I want to test small things

Honored Guest
Same here, would like to know more.

Hey guys. I got this to work. There's a little bit more information in the Hand Tracking documentation. Unfortunately, I can't link to it because I haven't posted much on the forum, so it won't let me.

It says:
Note: We support the use of hand tracking on PC through the Unity Editor, when using Oculus Quest + Oculus Link. This functionality is only supported in the Unity Editor to help improve iteration time for Oculus Quest developers.

Just make sure you have the latest version of the Oculus Integration package and the latest version of the Oculus PC software and Quest software.