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How to change app from one time purchase to in app purchase

Honored Guest

Hi, I have an app published to applab and sold some copies, and its using up front payment for user to purchase. 

Now I want to change it into free to play but in app purchase available.. 

I still want my existing users to have full access to content since they already purchased. 

How can I achieve this in unity? Or should I just add new content as IAP?



PS. I am thinking maybe check the entitlement date of user and decide to hide/show contents.. but can't find the proper API for checking.



I want to do that same. Did you find the answer?

Expert Protege

Only thing I could think of would be make a 2nd version of the app and call it the "Freemium" edition.

How many users do you have?  If it's not massive, you could ask them to message you, put a message in app, and you could generate promo codes & distribute them.

I'm unsure if Meta allows $0 in-app purchases, but if you could sneak one in, then your existing users could claim their spot before you flip the freemium switch.  Or add in a $1 in-app that would guarentee their access and also give them something else to make them special after the flip, remove access to that special in-app and add in the normal in-app.

I did figure out a way since I have the UserIDs of all my users in the all time leaderboard. However, based on talking to other developers revenues could fall a lot by going to freemium and IAP so I am not sure anymore that I want to do it. I have few thousand paid users at $19.99 and it may be best to just keep improving the game while holding the price.