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How to create a developer account without credit card

Honored Guest

I recently got a new Oculus Quest 2, and I want to create a developer account, but I can't because I don't have a credit card, or a PayPal account. How can I verify?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We'd love to answer this question for you. In order to create a fully verified Developer account, a verification method is needed. This can be either a form of payment or you can enable 2FA. if you need more info take a look here 👉🏻 We hope this was of help to you please let us know of any other questions you may here in this thread. Cheers! 

Without adding a credit card NOTHING goes now. And many users really are angry about it!



Hi GunyGreyhawk, we understand how troublesome it may be to having to use a card for verification. You can get verified without inputting a credit card by confirming your mobile number to set up a SMS two-factor verification and you can follow this link for more information on it! Hope this information was really useful!

Jesus, a horrible platform... Just bought the meta quest2 to experiment with development of some 3D UML and auto code generation tool, guess i should have done some more research... Thats !@# greedy expecting developer to pay for helping them build content for their platform. Screw this...

what if i dont have a phone number or a credit card and i cant use the normal 2fa on you site because i dont have a phone

Hey there @trashman.2022, we see you have in inquiry regarding the any other form of verifying your account. That is a really great question. As of currently, SMS and adding a payment method are the 2 options we have. You can always check the FAQ page incase an update to the options are made. Hope this information was useful and let us know if you have any other information.

hi  metaquestsupport

im enable to factor in account but not verifymy account!!!

Hey there! Please go to the Developer Support to get the help you need regarding Developer accounts. We want to make sure we can provide as much information as possible and guide you to the right place.