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How to make the hand model follow the controller and animate the hand model when you press a button

I'm currently developing a game using Meta XR Core SDK 63.
Game operations only use the controller,
It is assumed that hand tracking and Meta XR Interaction SDK will not be used
however I don't want to display the controller model in-game,
but instead I want to display a hand model so that the hand model animates when the controller is pressed.
At the time of Oculus Integration,
there is a prefab of CustomHandLeft/Right,
By placing CustomHand under HandAnchor,
I was able to display the hand model without displaying the controller model,
and when I pressed the controller button,
the hand model was able to animate.
If there is a way to deal with this with the Meta XR Core SDK, I would like to know.
Could not find CustomHandLeft/Right prefab in Meta XR Core SDK 63
Also, OVRCustomHandPrefab_L/R with similar names did not perform the animation
when pressing the controller button.


You can use meta building blocks to add hand interaction setup, it adds all the required component to the camera rig. If you have custom setup then look at the setup done by meta xr building blocks and try to replicate the same structure.

Thank you for your reply.
I want to use a controller to operate the app I am creating, so
I'm planning to use Controller Tracking from Building Blocks.
However, in that case, after replacing the controller model with the hand model,
I don't understand how to animate the hand model according to the button presses on the controller.
I'll do some more research and read the documentation.
Thank you for your advice.

Are you planing to use virtual toony hand wrapper generated by meta ? you can setup the same with building blocks.  For button press you can refer the poke interaction docs from meta.

I'm sorry if I didn't convey it well.
As for what I'm planning
I use the controller for operations.
Replace the controller model used in OVRControllerPrefab etc. with a hand model like CustomHandPrefab,
I would like to animate the hand model that is being replaced when I press the Trigger button or Grip button on the Touch controller.


have you tried the capsense hands API?

i believe this is what you're looking for

Thank you for the information.
I will try to see if I can achieve what I want with this information.

Notes on what I would try based on the above information
Like when I was setting CustomHand for Oculus Integration...

Oculus Integration.png

Show hand model instead of controller model


The appearance of the hand model when pressing the controller's grip button or trigger button also follows that. taking shape, animation