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How to port a published Go title on the Quest

Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask my question:

I've a title published for Oculus Go/Gear - namely "Rai Cinema Channel VR" - and since Oculus is dismissing the Go, I would simply port it on Quest.

I know that a brand new app would need to pass the concept review phase but, since I didn't find any info about that, I would ask you if that's necessary for an already published app too (albeit on the Go platform) or if there is a different and maybe shorter procedure.

Should I consider it as a new app and do the full concept review/submission procedure from the beginning? And in that case, what happens with the app name, since there would be two apps with the same name on the store? And so on...

If you would provide me the list of necessary steps to achieve a smooth porting, that would be great!

Thank you for any info and advice.


I know that some Go apps can be (officially) loaded on Quest, but I don't know the prerequisites, and I doubt that this will still work once they turn off the Go store.
You can pitch the concept, but you should know that they are extremely restrictive. If you don't get approval, you could still release it on SideQuest...

Thank you for your answer!

I hope someone from Oculus can give me a clear answer, just to know how to proceed.
Moreover, I guess this is an issue concerning hundreds of former Go developers with their published apps, so I think it's really important.