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How to properly upload and submit a build ?

Honored Guest

Hi everybody,
I am new here. I'm having a few errors when uploading builds to my chanel via Meta Quest Developer Hub. I got an error that simply said "API_ERROR", "A server error occurred. The request will be retried.". I was builded an .exe version and can play it on my windows computer.

When I went to the build section on the web, I saw my application showing the uploaded build. But it hasn't been included in any chanel yet. I also used that build to move to production chanel. And sent a review request and am getting an error "VRC.Functional.1 - TEST BLOCKER - No build available to download". I'm wondering if my build has actually been pushed properly?
When I click download on, it only reloads that website. without receiving any download files.
Can anyone tell me what error I'm getting? And how to solve it?
Thank you very much.