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How to record and save the eye-tracking (Gaze) data in Quest Pro?

Honored Guest

I am looking to capture and save eye-tracking metrics like gaze vectors and pupil dilation data from the Quest Pro device. I have already set up eye tracking and enabled cloud backup, but I am having trouble with the actual data saving process. I attempted to follow a tutorial on the Oculus developer site but didn't achieve the desired result. I wrote the script below to record and save eye-tracking data, but this does not work.

Any help would be appreciated. 


using UnityEngine;
using System.IO;
using UnityEngine.XR;
using Unity.XR.Oculus;
public class EyeTrackingDataRecorder : MonoBehaviour
    private string dataPath;
    void Start()
        // Define the data path where the eye tracking data will be stored.
        dataPath = Application.persistentDataPath + "/EyeTrackingData.csv";
        // Write the CSV header
    void Update()
        if (OVRManager.isHmdPresent)
            // Fetch the latest eye tracking data from the OVRPlugin
            var eyeTrackingData = OVRPlugin.GetEyeTrackingData(OVRPlugin.Eye.All);
            if (eyeTrackingData.IsValid)
                // Assuming you're using the combined gaze direction
                Vector3 leftEyeDirection = eyeTrackingData.LeftEyeGazeDirection;
                Vector3 rightEyeDirection = eyeTrackingData.RightEyeGazeDirection;
                // Construct the data string
                string dataString = $"{Time.timeSinceLevelLoad},{leftEyeDirection.x},{leftEyeDirection.y},{leftEyeDirection.z},{rightEyeDirection.x},{rightEyeDirection.y},{rightEyeDirection.z}\n";
                // Write the data string to the file
    private void WriteData(string dataString)
        // Append the data string to the file at dataPath
        File.AppendAllText(dataPath, dataString);
    void OnApplicationQuit()
        // Cleanup if needed




Honored Guest

Were you able to get it working?