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How to set gpu and cpu level


Hi 🙂

I've read the Oculus / Meta online docs on how to set gpu and cpu level, done many internet searches, but I can't get the gpu level above 2 in my app, as displayed by OVR Metrics Tools.

I'm only really interested in gpu level as it's the gpu that is often running at near 100% in my app. Meta say the preferred way to set gpu/cpu levels is this :

OVRPlugin.suggestedCpuPerfLevel = OVRPlugin.ProcessorPerformanceLevel.SustainedHigh;
OVRPlugin.suggestedGpuPerfLevel = OVRPlugin.ProcessorPerformanceLevel.SustainedHigh;

Apparently this lets the software decide on which level is best to run so in high gpu usage situations the gpu level could go as high as 3 (there are 5 levels for the Q3, but when the docs

say when passthrough is active, which it is in my app, level 3 is the highest possible level). Ok fine, even though apps like SideQuest and the Quest Games Optimizer can make passthrough apps run at 5 and higher. But anyway, level 3 is ok by me.

But no matter how hard the gpu is working i.e. at or near 100%, the level will not go above 2.

I'm completely puzzled by this.

Any help or insight would be very much appreciated!