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How user can get their oculus email?

Honored Guest

Hi. Sometimes when I try to add a user's email to a private app lab release channel, the system says the user isn't found. How can the user find the email associated with their oculus/fb account? Is it simply their fb email? Some users say they've sent me that but it still isn't working - can't say 100% they're sending me the right email.


I thought there'd be a way to do this on the oculus app, but doesn't seem to be.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey vizmoo! It's possible they are sending the wrong email to you which is causing the user isn't found error. The email would be the one they receive our emails from. It's worth noting that we currently have an ongoing issue related to users accounts becoming unavailable that we're working to resolve. The majority of account issues are resolved, but some users who created or linked different accounts while their original one was unavailable and may still be having issues. We're still working on a solution and will be contacting those users to advise them on how to move forward. Be sure to double check that the email is correct before confirming that this is the reason.


The user can find their email under their profile on our website, if they sign in. Hope this helps!