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I have tried eve Video & Tutorial but still cannot build to my Quest 2 from UE 4.27 Please Help!

Level 4

Building to my Gear VR was a nightmare years ago, but I never had to ask for help!!!


This is just ridiculous,  I don't even know which of my Facebook and Oculus accounts is Oculus, which is Facebook, or which is my Developer account,  I can't find where my email address is on my device or my account,.  there must be a way to make this all,. if not easy at least DOABLE..


I can't even get 4.27 to show Template options anymore  (Like after you Choose 'VR Game' template there are usually choices for Desktop vs Mobile,  or raytracing Yes or No,  Highest quality etc.

Well,..  none of those hose drop downs are no longer in my 4.27 on either of my computers,  I trie Verify on one and reinstalled entirely on the other, no go,..


. It has all become a nightmare,.  Any help greatly appreciated.  There MUST BE A GOOD BEGINNING TO END, STEP BY STEP SOMEWHERE<...


I have gone through so many tutorials and hundreds of steps and never seem to succeed, 


(Is android studio even necessary? I installed it it did not help.  The person giving the tutorial didn't even say why to install it, or what to do with it... just to install it and not even open it,


there are NO GOOD Tutorials for 4.27 t build to Quast 2  right now I do not believe /// what a state of affairs, I have so much to give to the world of VR but can't get through what should be step by step SDK woes!!!


I am likely going to switch to Pico Neo and develop for them (they seem to actually help people access the device and build to it)

whereas with Facebook it is like pulling teeth to even get any help much less good instruction...