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I want cpr chest compressions bodyposecomparer system(Meta XR Interaction SDK OVR Samples DebugBodyP

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I am creating a CPR first aid VR content.
I'm using the Meta XR Interaction SDK OVR Sample - 62.0.0 - Feature Scenes - DebugBodyPoseComparer example to ensure that I can accurately recognize the chest compression phase of CPR.
→ Chest Compression Conditions 
1. the hands should be clasped together, palms facing down, as they need to be compressed.
2. the elbows should be extended so that the arms are in a straight line.
→ What I want to create
1. the chest compression count should only go up when the chest compression condition stored in the body pose is met.
2. the chest compression condition is arms outstretched and hands overlapping.
3. If you perform CPR without stretching your arms, the chest compression count should not increase because it is different from the saved body pose.
→ Distress
2. Is the body pose saved when I lean down as if I'm actually doing chest compressions? Is there a problem with this, and if so, is there a solution?
3. Can I save the data body pose I want in advance? If so, please tell me how. In the DebugBodyPoseComparer sample example, it is supposed to capture the body pose for 2 seconds after pressing the button, but is there a way to save the pose I want in advance and use it elsewhere?

On the left is a reference photo of CPR chest compressions.
The image on the right is a test of the character's animated response to standing chest compressions.