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Interpreting renderdoc meta fork tile timeline

Honored Guest


I started profiling our application with the renderdoc meta fork, and i'm having trouble reading the results.

The application is made with unity (2021.3 branch), and I'm profiling on oculus quest 2. Renderdoc is version 51.1, headset is up to date with firmware v51.

Everything works fine on the capture / profiling steps with renderdoc; I can open a capture, click on "Time durations for render stages", and the tile timeline gets populated with the data I was looking for :


Since I'm on quest 2, I'm expecting to see only one surface in the timeline, corresponding to the rendering in multiview of the application. So the rendering step works fine, but strangely there is an other surface being computed in the timeline right after.

I cannot really relate this surface to anything in the application (there are no post effects set up in the project), but I can see with the tile browser that the surface seems to be affected by the fixed foveated rendering setting of the application, while the first one does not seem to be affected.

Anybody would happen to know what this surface could relate to ?

Thanks for the help,