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Is Point Cloud sharing available for the Quest 3

Honored Guest

I've been looking around the internet but could not find a definite answer. Is it possible to share point clouds (or at the very least the room setup) with other users on the Quest 3 or is it a Pro-only feature?



It seems like there's no API available for accessing the point cloud directly at the moment. Maybe we could share the anchor with others via the meta cloud server instead. My guess is that this limitation might be due to privacy concerns.
You can check out the Oculus sample to see if it offers any helpful insights for sharing scenes.


It's my understanding that the point clouds *are* shared via Meta's servers. Can it be done with two Quest 3 headsets and if so, how do I know if it happened. If I just assume that it happened, the whole game might crash and burn.

It’s possible. As for knowing if it happened you could print to console or draw a mesh where the anchor is. Oculus has documentation on how to share anchors and the events they call when they download. 

You can refer to the meta documentation for spatial anchors.

If you share anchor with your friend, 

  1. Create an anchor.
  2. Share the anchor using the player ID.
  3. Ask your friend to retrieve the anchor using the anchor ID.

some process are asynchronous, with each function returning either success or false."