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Is there a way to cloud save user conent?

Level 4
Say, you have a game where a user can design an alien, or a logo, and you want to let them save their design to the cloud so they can access it later either

1) in another gaming session
2) on their computer
3) in another player's game

Is there a way to access cloud storage, etc. e.g. Steam has "Workshops", and android phones have things like "Share to Google Drive", "Save to Gallery".

What are my options on the Oculus Quest?

BTW, I'm using Unity and c#

Level 4
Check the Oculus Cloud Storage documentation:

Level 4

Digibix said:

Check the Oculus Cloud Storage documentation:


That covers saving files for the same app.

But, for example, is there a way to share things between different apps. E.g. you create a picture/screenshot in one app and load it in another app?

Level 2

Hi, I have the same question here about creating in one app and loading it in another (the two apps are in the same organization). Did this question ever get answered?

Level 2

I say maybe look at google drive, and Rest API's but that also require getting C# code for it, but is not hard to find.