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Labs review team confused by ASW (Application space warp)?!


I submitted our app for labs. After a couple of decades weeks the feedback is: "The app runs noticeably lower than 60 frames per second on supported devices".

Well if you only look at Oculus' own review tools then yes, it says 36 FPS when application space warp is in use.

It is running at 36 FPS steady, as intended. And thus with ASW it becomes around 72 FPS.


Please educate the review team! 😄 



The Oculus Dev portal is extremely buggy, the UX is terrible, review times are far too long, I never receive emails after a review has taken place, locale is only correct here and there (a mix of english and norwegian in my case) and labs is far from what it is supposed to be in my opinion. Labs makes it sound like something innovative, a way to quickly iterate on ideas. Instead it is a total blocker.

Apple AppStore  reviews are a breeze in the wind compared -can you believe it!?