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Lag / glitch / fps(?) problem

Level 2

I am fairly new to Unity3d and Oculus but I have managed to build and run my project on my Oculus Quest. The problem is that there is an extreme lag/glitch. When I move my head the environment can't keep up. When I hold perfectly still it seems all right but characters that are moving are still very glitchy. So everything that moves lags, I guess. Or seems to be dropping frames? I have a video of the issue but you can't post videos here it seems.  

I am using Unity3d 2018.4.25f1 and Android 4.4 'Kitkat' (API level 19). I have tried other API levels and also changing the color space and Graphics API but it doesn't help. I also read somewhere that making the lights static could help but that didn't do the trick either. 

One weird thing is that if i position the OVR CameraRig "outside" of the room, it doesn't lag at all. So it is probably an easy fix but I've been trying to solve it now for some time and I'm stuck. Please help:)

Thanks in advance! 

Level 2
I think I know what the problem might be. In my game I have Tris: 6.2M and Verts: 5.6M, which is A LOT right? I read that for oculus it should be around 300k max. I tried changing the build quality level to 'very low' in the project settings and it was a little bit better but still a lot of lag. 

I have a lot of game objects but the problem is that my environment is a clothing store so there has to be a lot of clothes, shelves, items and so on. But is there a way to reduce the number of vertices without deleting game objects?