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Looking for 3d CAD files of Meta Quest 3 Controller.

Honored Guest

Hi everyone,

I'm Felix from Haply Robotics. We specialize in creating haptic force feedback technology that brings a tangible sense of touch to VR experiences. Our work is all about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in virtual reality, and you can see some of our projects at

We’ve had great success in integrating our tech with the Meta Quest 2 controllers by designing an adapter to connect the controller to our robot. I was pretty annoying to use the mesh models to do a good job at this.

We are now trying to do the same for the Meta Quest 3. To make this happen, we're in need of the surface or solid models of the Quest 3 controllers, anything usable in CAD, so no mesh ideally. This would significantly accelerate our design process and ensure seamless compatibility with the latest Quest technology. 

I’m reaching out to this community in hopes of connecting with someone from Meta who can assist us with this or someone who could share those files. If anyone can point me in the right direction or provide the contact of someone who can help, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to any guidance or connections you can offer!



Honored Guest

Did you ever get what you needed? If not, you can email me at I might be able to help you.