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MQDH / Developer Dashboard - Server Error - API Error - No Tests Ran on Build

I am having a number of issues with Meta Quest Developer Hub and Developer Dashboard. For the past three days I have been unable to upload a build through MQDH due to a few different errors. I am using the latest version of MQDH. When uploading a build I either get an API_ERROR, ECONNRESET error, or PROCESSING_ERROR "please try again later". Looking at the logs it said server error, attempting to try again, and does this over and over. It doesnt seem to be an issue with my actual build, or manifest or anything that I am able to solve on my end. Have tried reinstalling MQDH or switching the adb file path to match unity.
After repeated attempts failing through MQDH I decided to try using the OVR  Platform Utility Tool. I was able to upload my .apk with an OBB file, though I received multiple server errors in the process. After about and hour and a half the upload process finally succeeded through the server errors and I am able to see my new build in developer dashboard inside a new release channel. My new issue is that the new build uploaded has not yet gone through the automated testing. I uploaded the build over 16 hours ago. Dashboard still says "No test runs were found to be associated with this build." Because of this I cant actually install and play this new build. And with both MQDH and Dashboard causing issues I am at a complete standstill on my project. Is there some sort of server issue on Metas side that is causing this? Any assistance is greatly appreciatted