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MQDH - Multi OBB package upload

Honored Guest

Hello! I'm looking for some help/clarification for the Meta Quest Developer Hub's build deployment feature.


The Documentation Page covers the basics of using MQDH to upload an application to the Quest, which seems to work fine as long as the app only requires a single OBB file. Unfortunately our Unreal Engine game has recently exceeded the 4gb limit and we've had to split the package into multiple OBBs.


When I install the app through MQDH the app fails to launch. If I then manually push the patch OBB (like the install script Unreal generates does) the app will launch correctly. This indicates to me that MQDH will only grab the main OBB file (i.e. ``)


Does anyone know how to get MQDH to install all OBBs present in the same folder as the APK file? Do I need to follow any specific naming conventions or processes?


I'd like to continue using MQDH as for some reason it seems that installing the Android commandline tools themselves has been... troublesome for some of our remote team members.


Honored Guest

Just chiming in a year and a half later to say this is still an issue and would be great if we could document expansion files in some kind of manifest (or even just be able to drag and drop the loose files with the APK). As it stands we will need to rely on using adb commands manually via script hacks post-installation (or modifying the typical Unreal installation bat itself). It's a nice tool, but this is a very basic need that would make it more practical for us.