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Meta Developer Hub preventing indie developers from uploading?

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I am a strong believer in VR as a creative medium, and I have spent the last several years developing my first Quest game! I picked up quite a following online of people who have been following the journey - millions of view. I also recruited over a dozen creators to be voice actors in the game, so combined its many millions of people paying attention when adding all their combined followers up - these creators have been hyping the game up too.  

The game is done, but Quest Developer Portal is refusing to even upload the submission. It is saying:

"The package name is already in use for another application. Every application must have a unique package name."

The thing is, the package name is not already in use, and I get that error even when renaming the package to a long, random string of letters.   

I also get the error: 

Your manifest includes the following permissions restricted by Oculus, Please remove these permissions if they are not needed by your application. 


this is despite following Meta's androidmanifest creation instructions to the letter. The manifest does not have those permission enabled.

Furthermore, it is Meta's own Unity tools that were enabling those permissions to begin with.

I'm in a tight spot now where so many people have been following this journey, and have seen video demos of the game, and they are wondering why the game is not available despite being finished, and I will have to explain to them soon that Meta is preventing indie developers like myself, and presumably others, from sharing the work they spent years on if there is no resolution.

any help is appreciated! Thank you!