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Meta Quest 2 No longer working with my Vizio Quantum 4K TV.

Level 2

We have 2 Oculust Quest 2 (Meta Quest 2) devices that streamed to our Vizio TV just fine until a few months ago. Then they both stopped. From what I can tell this was a conscious decision from Meta to stop supporting them. I purchased a Chrome cast device, but the shakiness was terrible. My TV is wired to a GB network. I wish Meta would fix this issue with Vizio TVs. I don't understand why the would stop support casting all of a sudden. This is rewally frustrating. I contacted Vizio and their support technicians had no clue. They said they just didn't support Oculus at this time. I've tried contacting Menta but not received a response. I just attempt to cast, the casting dialog appears on my Vizio TV and then the Quest 2 says there was an error casting to the TV. It works fine on multiple phones and computers in our house. All devices are on the same network. Very frustrating.